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Our Purpose

Why We Do What We Do

Since our opening in 2020, Sventastik Productions has been working day and night to achieve our mission: to bring quality classes and performances to the community of Chaffee County in an affordable and accessible way. At Sventastik we won't rest until all of Chaffee County has the ability to pursue their passions in the performance arts.

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Our Story

 Sventastik Productions opened its doors in 2020. Founder Kyria Stange, wanted to provide the Chaffee County community with a company where they could enjoy performance art. In her quest for accessible theater she has acquired a dance studio that has unlocked even more potential for performing arts. With the big dreams of Sventastik, Kyria knows she cannot succeed alone. Together with her family, friends, and the awesome and incredibly talented members of the community Kyria knows Sventastik will thrive. Our background and experience with productions in front of live audiences makes our talented crew one of the best. Read on to learn more about us. 

By now you're probably wondering where in the world we got the name Sventastik. Sventastik Productions is a memorial theater company and as such is named after the incredibly talented Ryan Hansen. Who, while on this earth touched many peoples lives with his warmth and humor. Ryan accomplished many things in his short life, one of which was acquiring the nickname Sventastik while at a rock camp. No one really knows where this nickname came from but it is absolutely fitting for him and his memory. 

Sventastik Productions strives to be thought of as fondly as the person it's named after. Here at Sventastik we aim to be warm, friendly and readily available for anything. 

Our Team

Where the Passion Begins


Kyria Marie Stange


Kyria Stange has lived in Chaffee County her entire life. She began acting at the young age of 6 and has continued being an avid part of the performing arts ever since. From acting, choreographing and directing to stage managing, set design, and lighting, she's done almost everything when it comes to theater. Now she steps into the role of leader to follow her dreams as well as helping others achieve theirs. Kyria runs the studio, and all theater projects within Sventastik while simultaneously being a new mom to the Adorable Theater Baby that all our actors know and love.


Terri & Kim Hansen

Owners/Sanity Keepers

Terri & Kim Hansen are the beloved parents to 4 and grandparents of 7. Together they moved to Chaffee County 28 years ago to begin their dream of running their own Greenhouse. After 27 long years they continue working hard in the valley while simultaneously supporting their Children's dreams. Terri and Kim can either be found hard at work, playing cards with the family, or spoiling their 7 grandchildren.


Marissa Anderson

Painter/Era Guru/Comedic Relief/C.O.O.

Marissa Hansen has lived in Chaffee County her whole life and has performed in the community theater almost as long. Recently back from her tours with the international organization Up With People, Marissa currently resides in New York City with her husband where she continues to expand her theater knowledge and travels constantly for Sventastik needs. Marissa is responsible for all of Sventastik's painted sunflowers and hidden Mickeys.


Noelle Austin

Consultant/Emotional Support

Noelle Austin is a loving mother of 6 and a business woman all at the same time. Noelle has lived in Chaffee County most of her life, and has been involved in many different aspects of theater and performing arts. While she hasn't been in the spotlight since playing the Godmother in Cinderella 2014, she still maintains a deep love for all things theater and is currently busy raising Kyria's future cast with her husband Zack.


We are the Hansen family. Though three of us now have different last names, we remain a very tight knit family.

We have always been incredibly involved in the performing arts here in Chaffee County. In 2019 our brother Ryan Hansen died due to complications with hydrocephalus, something he has always struggled with. Ryan's passions involved the performing arts, his family and friends, and always helping those in need. With all this in mind we have created Sventastik Productions in loving memory of all that Ryan stood for. 

Our biggest goal is to provide instruction and bring inclusion to the performing arts of Chafee County. Working with the community for the community we will ensure that people of all types and ages always feel welcome and have a place they can call home. 

Welcome to our family. 

Show Your Support

Keep the Performances Alive

Sventastik Productions has made many changes in the community already with our scholarships as well as our studio remodels and classes. As such we can always use your help and donations. Thanks to the continued generosity of our supporters, we have already been able to start on some incredible things, like getting our dance floor redone, soundproofing the music room, and getting a new sound system. We would love for you to be included in our success. Contribute today and ensure our studio & production company can continue staging and creating quality art for the Chaffee County community.

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